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Oh its about to get intense!

Tonight's beautiful and intense lunar eclipse is almost here! Total Lunar Eclipse in 4 degrees of Aquarius. The Sun in fiery, royal and joyous Leo will be opposing Moon in airy, innovative and freedom-loving Aquarius. Eclipses are always a good time for change. But this time the eclipse is happening during Mercury retrograde. Time to reflect, rethink, and remember. Stay peaceful, meditate and observe your emotions at this time. Open yourself up to newness by releasing the old. Listen and don’t make any rash decisions without thought. We might be missing important details. Our minds can be shifting here and there, our thought patterns changing, and we need to take things slower than usual.

Although this time may be emotional and intense don't forget to look up at the sky for this beauty! This is the longest Lunar Eclipse in the 21st century and will last about 1 hour and 20 minutes. This brings the energy of a regular Full Moon (emotional and extroverted energy) times a thousand!


Image repost from @blackandthemoon;resources from @law_of_positivism of instagram

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