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22 Signs You’re a Modern Mystic

Are you a Modern Mystic?
If you can relate to more than half of the characteristics on this list, there’s a good chance that you are.

  1. You see messages in everything.

  2. You discover that serendipity and coincidence are everyday occurrences.

  3. Before making an important financial decision, you talk to your accountant, your retirement planner, and your spirit guides.

  4. When faced with an obstacle, you ask yourself “What is the true meaning of this situation?” You judge it as neither good nor bad, and actively look for the big picture lesson within the experience.

  5. You order palo santo wood in bulk.

  6. You actively seek time in nature so that you can talk to the plants, trees, and animals.

  7. You set stones and crystals in the window during a full moon, carry sage spray in your purse, and a pendulum in your wallet.

  8. You have no enemies, only teachers.

  9. You live with your feet on the earth and your head in the heavens.

  10. You stop someone from speaking so that you can listen to the voices in your head.

  11. When a 4-year-old tells you, “In my last life, I was a doctor,” you answer: “Would you mind having a look at this lump?”

  12. You understand that choosing kindness and compassion can often be both the most difficult AND the easiest choice in every situation.

  13. You never again wonder if something is wrong with you because of how you experience life. You know. You remember.

  14. You know that the answer is in the question.

  15. You understand Divine Order — that whatever happens, all will be well.

  16. You know that there are no right answers.

  17. You have inner peace, or quickly return to a place of inner peace, because you know down to your core that this life is only one dimension of reality.

  18. You know that there is so much more to you than your physical body, or this reality.

  19. You have moments where you see beauty in everything and everyone, and those moments begin to fill more and more of your time here on earth.

  20. You know that there is life before and after this one.

  21. You embrace your Past and plan for the Future, knowing that true peace comes from being fully Present.

  22. You know there is no beginning or end.

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