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How To Cleanse and Balance Your Sacred Space

Your home is one of the most valuable space there is. In order to keep the positive energy coming in so you can attract more abundance and prosperity into your life, having a cleansing ritual can help maintain the positive energies needed help you manifest more wonderful things in your life. Here are is secret I have used for years to keep my home completely positive. Having a positive energy in your home will inspire you to keep manifesting your desires.

You will need the following:

1. White sage sticks, White sage wands or Black Sage Mugwort sticks– Select either one of these for your cleansing needs. I like all three choices its just a matter of preference. Although the mugwort sticks seem to give a very deep and powerful cleanse if needed over the white sage. Either option works.

2. Sweet grass– this can act like a second cleanse. However, I use this as a way to visualize balancing my home. The smell of it feels calming to me.

3. Balancing Incense (optional)- this type of incense is great for the extra touch. I find adding this incense at the end really makes me feel everything is in harmony in my home. Any balancing incense will work, although my favorite is the Japanese incense from Shoyeido called Amethyst- Balance, The Jewel Series.

Here is the secret to cleansing your entire space. Most people will tell you to light your white sage, or mugwort sticks and start blowing around the room. While that is the true , what I do recommend you to do is to first close all the doors and windows of your home. If you are have pets living in the home, I suggest you to put them in their pet carrier as well. Once you have done this , you may blow the sage or mugwort sticks around the entire place. Make sure to really smoke it all around the place. While your are doing this have a metal pie pan to catch all the ashes that fall from the sticks. This will help you continue to blow around the room. Once you feel you have done what feels right to you , put the stick out. You can just press it on the metal pan to put it out if you want. Now leave your home for at least 2 hours and take any pets you have with you. The reason you are doing this is because you are deep cleansing your entire home. I find this more effective as the difference is really there when you come home afterwards.

Once you have been gone for 2 hours, you may come back home and open all the windows and doors. Allow the sage to leave your home at its own will. You want this to be a natural release of any negative energy leaving your space so do not try to use fans to blow the sage out, it might take a good 30 minutes- 1 hour before its close to being gone but it depends on how big your home is. Once the sage is done, get your metal pan again and this time light the Sweet grass and blow around the entire home just like you did with your sage or mugwort sticks. You should feel the difference as you blow the sweet grass in the air. This time as your blow the sweet grass your doors and windows can remain open it will feel some nice calming and balancing energy as you work around the entire home. When you feel you have completely finished the sweet grass put it out on the metal pan.

While balancing incense is optional, I simply love doing it. Personally I place these little incense sticks in an incense holder light them and blow them around the entire home for a bit. Since these types of incense last for 30 minutes, I recommend that you do pick a spot that you feel needs the more balance in your home. In most cases for me I tend to put in my room where I do my psychic readings to keep the energy centered when I do my work. You can pick any space , but I prefer a place that you feel is your sanctuary, that works best.

If you do this kind of cleansing technique, its great to keep it up once a month as it keeps the energy positive in your space so you can keep up your manifesting energies. While I understand that we don’t always have time to do such a deep cleanse, you could also alternate it to deep cleanse every other month. The months you do not do a deep cleanse, go ahead and burn the sage or mugwort sticks regularly to do a simple cleanse.

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